Satellite Tracking

The ability to know where shipped assets are at any given time translates into greatly enhanced services to customers, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, and an array of efficiency improvements in internal operations. In turn, these benefits can add revenues to the top line, reduce expenses related to internal operations, and put profits on the bottom line.

NTL can provide total visibility and control of your fleet through a satellite-based web application. We prove detailed street level mapping for all of North America. There is no complex integration or software installation and it's easy to use. Satellite tracking gives you the tools you need to answer any question regarding your assets:

  • Where did the asset last report?
  • Where is it now?
  • Where has it been?
  • Where was it during a particular time?
  • How long has this asset been sitting?
  • Has an asset arrived at or departed from a fenced location?
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